As in previous years, and for the best enjoyment of all participants, our festival aims to have a good gender balance between them.

To get that goal, we will keep the following policy:

In principle, a person can register individually, it is not necessary to register as a couple. But, if with the course of the Registration process we see that the imbalance, in favor of one or the other gender, exceeds 15% of the total participants, at that time we will momentarily close the registration for the majority gender and create a waiting list in order to get back to a good balance, the time at which the persons appearing on that list will be accepted by numerical order.

Logically, if it comes to that case of having to create the waiting list for one or the other gender, we will conveniently advertise it on this website, as well as on our social networks. As long as that announcement would not be made, you can register normally, both as a couple and individually.