Important Note: At this time, and once the registration period for Passes with Hotel and for Single Excursions has been closed, only tickets for the activities detailed below can be purchased individually. We recommend you to do it previously through this website, especially for the Gala Dinner and New Year´s Milonga (there may not be tickets at the door that night if, previously, the capacity is completed). It is also reported that, according to our wish to achieve a good gender balance for our milongas, only couples or men without a dance partner are allowed, from this moment and until possible new notice, to purchase these single tickets for milongas. Those women without dance partner who want to buy tickets for the milongas should let us know by sending us an email and, after inclusion in our waiting list, we will contact them. We appreciate your understanding.


Sunlight Milongas::

Saturday 29 & Monday 31 December: 5 €

Sunday 30 (Nerja) & Tuesday 1 January: 10 €

Night Milongas::

Friday 28 & Saturday 29 December: 15 €

Sunday 30 December: 20 € Sold out

Monday 31 December (Silvester Night Special Milonga): 25 € Sold out

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  • PayPal payments (Visa and Mastercard) and bank transfer accepted
  • PayPal payment expenses will be paid by the participant in cash once arrived at Salobreña
  • The bank transfer costs are paid by the participant
  • For those who want extra nights, consult with the organization
  • Once bank transfer registration is completed, you will have 10 days to pay for it. In case of no do so, your registration will be canceled automatically. Once payment is made, you will receive confirmation from the organization